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Newcomer Report Dual Work-Study Student Business Informatics

Dual Work-Study Student Business Informatics

Year employed: 2018

A positive impression right from the start

I originally applied at Mercoline through the German employment agency. I was instantly taken by the openness and friendly atmosphere during the initial interview. I was excited to start work and ultimately completed the business informatics work/study program here.

Helpful team in every regard

During my initial work period I could already feel what I had been told during my interview: “With us you’re not just a number. With us, you’re an individual”. I was met with an overall sense of willingness and support by Mercoline’s employees and supervisors, both with regard to university issues and practical job matters.

Worthwhile topics and independent work

Mercoline always strives to find an acceptable solution for everyone as quickly as possible. The university studies provide a framework that helps you foster your own development while giving you invaluable hands-on experience. You take on responsibility for an individually assigned small project in each of the various departments. This approach enables you to grasp the strengths of each department so that you can find the field of work that suits you best.