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Newcomer Report from the Product Development Department

Product Development

1st year: 2011  

Recently, on the anniversary of the very first day I stepped into the Mercoline offices, I was reminiscing about it with my co-workers. I fondly remember the open, easygoing interview, and how each of us in turn made a positive impression on the other. My career path was set.

My dual work/study programme – theory meets practical application

I was motivated by the opportunity to do a three-year dual work/study programme for a bachelor’s degree in business informatics. The idea of combining theory and practical application was particularly intriguing. Since I was looking for a position in a medium-sized SAP-oriented company, Mercoline seemed like a good fit. I figured that in a mid-sized company, I’d be able to get to know my co-workers quickly and gain an insight into all of the different teams. For me, easy conversational accessibility was more important than corporate formalities. As the newest member of the team, I hoped I’d be able to turn to my co-workers with questions and problems. Luckily, all of these expectations were met – in fact, they’re still a part of the company culture that I appreciate to this day. How else can we achieve progress except through shared support and mutual goals?

Next stop: product development

Shortly before I finished my degree, I met with management to discuss my future with the company. I see myself as a creative, direct kind of person, so I was pleased when it was decided I’d join the team developing SAP add-ons. I’d worked closely with this team during the practical application phase of my studies, and knew it was a perfect fit for my skill set. And I’m still very happy about that decision. We have a closely-knit team and are always helping each other out, so we can move forward together. These were qualities apparent from the very start, and I’ve seen my skills expand continuously from day one of my initial training. What really motivates us is the fun we have doing our work. My teammates certainly got used to hearing the sound of my loud, heartfelt laugh. For me, Mercoline means working toward a common goal, benefiting from the experience of my co-workers, helping each other progress and the Mercoline principle of always thinking ahead, together.