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Newcomer Report from the Supply Chain Management Department

Supply Chain Management Consultant

1st year: 2016

The freedom to make a difference

After 16 years of working freelance as an SAP logistics consultant, I wanted to once again work in a team and help a company to develop. As such, I was looking for a smaller consultancy operation where I could play a significant role in the company’s future. That’s exactly what I found at Mercoline. The mix of experienced pros and young, dynamic IT cracks is particularly interesting. The management staff is open to suggestions, and here, I also have the opportunity to use other talents like moderating Mercoline creative workshops.

Uncomplicated and straightforward

I especially like how the staff works together in an uncomplicated, straightforward way. Communication channels are always open, and easy access to co-workers during the workday helps to ease the workload and makes for a fun work environment. This enables me to effectively coordinate projects and gives me the support I need to take on responsibility for everything from customers to projects, newer employees or new work themes. There are a multitude of possibilities here, and I really like that.