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Newcomer Report from the SAP Product-Development-Department

Product-Development-Consultant SAP

Year employed: 2018

Why Mercoline?

In 2018, I was ready to move on to a new place of work for numerous reasons. A recruiter brought Mercoline to my attention, and following a talk with the manager of their SAP Product Development Department, I knew I wanted to start the next chapter of my career there. One thing that convinced me was Mercoline’s broad range of mature products, and I knew I could apply and expand my ABAP skills in developing them further. Another key was their appreciation for how necessary it was to delve into new SAP worlds with UI5 with Fiori and Cloud Platform.  That sounded like an ideal mix for me; the chance to make the most of the ABAP potential while setting off on new, uncharted territory.

It’s all about the employees

I was deeply impressed by the friendly atmosphere during my two job interviews, but also by the small gestures in how the company deals with people. One example is the fact that when I came for an interview the team leader greeted me out in front of the building, although I could of course have simply made my way to him. Details like these told me right off the bat that at Mercoline it’s all about the employees. And I experienced this again and again in so many ways after I joined the company: regularly scheduled feedback meetings, an open ear for employee concerns, an openness to a pronounced work-life balance characterized by regular home office days, flexible work times, extra vacation and health initiatives such as gymnastics, flu shots and joining in on company runs. Mercoline even expands this human focus to people outside the company, for instance by supporting and cooperating with the “Berliner Tafel” food bank initiative.

Opportunities for further development

I’ve found a great team at Mercoline and the atmosphere is really nice. The people are helpful and very open to new ideas, and this makes working together beneficial for both sides. My expectations have been fulfilled: I can develop in the fields that are important to me and new ones as well through things like projects, training sessions or participating in SAP-community events. And I’ve equally been able to apply my existing know-how and win the team’s confidence to the point that I’ve now been appointed to the circle of Technical Lead Developers. I feel great here, and very grounded.