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Newcomer Report from the SAP Business Intelligence Department


Year employed: 2019

My Path to Mercoline

After working for a year in the SAP BI consulting field, I knew there had to be more. I needed new challenges, so I applied to Mercoline. I instantly had a really good feeling during my interview with four people from Mercoline because the BW team leader gave me a taste of her wealth of knowledge. The positive, casual atmosphere in the interview was another reason I chose Mercoline – and Mercoline chose me.

Continuous personal development in every way

Mercoline has made good on what the interview promised. I’m now able to immerse myself on a technical level and further develop all of my skills at my own pace and with the full support of my team. I’m given interesting assignments that I take care of on my own. My colleagues are eager to share their broad range of knowledge, and they take the time to make sure my concerns are heard. Whether I’m looking for new work materials or a way to handle a technical issue, my needs are addressed fast, and people are willing to make a firm decision when it counts.

All-Around Super Package

My expectations of a good employer are absolutely fulfilled at Mercoline. The company is also active socially and goes out of its way to ensure the health and fitness of the staff. For example, all Mercoline employees can take part in the company’s annual run. There’s also weekly training for maintaining a healthy back, and a free annual flu shot. The way this positive work-life balance is embodied at Mercoline makes me feel very comfortable. I don’t have to travel as much anymore and I can work from home occasionally, leaving me much more time for my small family.