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EDI costs

Custom EDI pricing models tailored to your requirements

Our priority is to fulfil the unique EDI requirements and needs of our customers. You tell us what you’re looking for, and we create an EDI offer designed specifically for you.

What determines the EDI costs?

Our customers experience significant EDI savings: In the first year alone, Mercoline offers 50-70% savings over an in-house EDI solution, with savings reaching up to 75% in subsequent years. In addition, as a member of the Mercoline communications network, you profit not only from low prices but also from a general increase in your EDI implementation speed.
Your requirements
  • Migration project or EDI newcomer
  • Number of partners to be connected
  • Number of messaging types
  • Documentation volumes
  • Partner connection speed
  • Support level
  • Financial limitations
Custom pricing offer
  • EDI volume rates starting at 50 euros per month
  • Scaled pricing for format implementation
  • Fixed pricing offers for migration projects
  • Mid-sized company packages (e.g. for 3 formats/5 partners)
  • Financing packages for up to 3 years

Typical EDI pricing models over the course of time

The models below depict only a few examples of possible EDI pricing options over a period of operational time. When you work with Mercoline, you aren’t limited to a one-size-fits-all model—you decide the framework conditions. In this way, we work together to devise the best, most affordable solution for your EDI needs.

EDI migration model

  • One-time project fee for taking over EDI operations
  • Low monthly EDI operational fees
  • Expense-related costs for new partners and formats

EDI newcomer model

  • Low initial project costs for setting up communication and EDI implementation with first partners
  • Low monthly EDI operational fees
  • Resource-related costs for new partners and formats

EDI financing model

  • Financing the initial costs of the introductory project, e.g. over a period of 3 years
  • Expense-related costs for new partners and formats
  • Low costs after the end of the financing term