Scan, Print & Archiving

Scan services with CS.Print

Digitalize documents. Reduce manual expenditure

Mercoline’s full-service CS.Scan package includes the digitalization of received paper documents such as invoices. OCR software intelligently scans the data. As a result, just as with classic EDI or Web-EDI, the customers receive the verification data delivered directly in their ERP systems in their own in-house format (for instance IDoc).

Precisely coordinated procedures are decisive for the quality of the data. High-performance scanners conduct automatic scanning of all vouchers. Intelligent OCR software performs data extraction, voucher recognition and classification.

An overview of your benefits:

  • reduction of processing costs, for example in invoice receipt
  • low level of manual post-processing thanks to the scanning precision in the OCR procedure
  • maximization of automatic postings without manual inspections
  • full integration of previous paper vouchers into later in-house workflows
  • the integrated full service makes a quick start possible
Process CS.Scan


Manage non-electronically sent documents

Actually, you’re trying to avoid paper, but sometimes there’s no choice but to print documents like invoices on paper and send them out by post. An internal process costs analysis will show you that printing and handling costs are very high. And this is where Mercoline’s CS.Print service comes in.

You supply Mercoline with your print files including recipient addresses in an agreed format such as PDF or IDoc-XML. Mercoline takes care of the rest, from printing preparation to dispatch. You profit directly from the bundled printing volume of the communications network partners and increase your flexibility in output management.

CS.Print comprises ...

  • receipt of the data in the agreed format (EANCOM, IDoc, pdf, XML, …)
  • transfer to print management
  • data supervision, for instance the bundling of printing jobs
  • print preparation and layout design (if necessary)
  • document printing with individual sorting using barcodes and data matrix codes such as the zip code/post code
  • optimization of postal charges, enveloping and postage charge prepayment
  • delivery to postal service

An overview of your benefits:

  • reduction of handling costs, for instance in outgoing invoices
  • up to 25 % reduction in postage charges
  • consistently high quality level
  • increase in output management flexibility
  • integrated full-service makes a quick start possible
Process CS.Print


Legally compliant archiving. Greater security.

Mercoline CS.Archive provides audit-compatible archiving for all electronic messages (such as invoices) and related files (such as signature files). You'll have access to Mercoline’s affordable archiving infrastructure, automatically fulfilling Germany’s legal requirements stipulated in Sec. 14 of UStG (VAT law), AO (Tax Code law), GDPdU (German law regulating data access and the verifiability of digital documents) and GoBS (German law regulating adequate and orderly accounting).

CS.Archive comprises:

  • Automatic archiving data by Mercoline communications services of all chosen throughout the entire EDI/signature processes
  • Archiving in a logically designated customer archive system within a secure server environment
  • Archiving beyond the typically prescribed time limit of six or ten years
  • Data retrieval via the chosen channel

An overview of your benefits:

  • Full service: You don’t need to worry about archiving
  • 100% legal compliance: You comply with all legal requirements
  • High level of security: Your data are doubly secured and can be accessed for many years
  • No investment: Mercoline provides both the hardware and software
  • Low costs: You pay a low basic fee and volume-related usage fees