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Add-ons for SAP

M.Line: Mercoline software suite for SAP users

Mercoline’s M.Line software suite is a set of SAP solutions for manufacturing and retail companies and their affiliated branches (e.g. logistics). Calibrated SAP add-ons provide support in different company departments. You choose whether you want to supplement existing processes or map new processes in your SAP system.

M.Line consists of the following Add-ons for SAP:


Integrate shipping companies and CEPs into your SAP system. Monitor deliveries including shipping company orders in a single application in your SAP system. Take advantage of Mercoline’s transport management solution. 


Quickly create handling units (HU) directly in your SAP system. Simplify preparatory shipment packing processes in SAP ERP and easily use the generated handling units in subsequent processes. 


Estimate in advance or determine during the shipping process the freight costs of your shipments. Analyze your shipment volumes as the basis for your freight tenders. Rate your TSP based on criteria such as delivery performance or price.

M.SecureTrade Export Control

Check your export business transactions automatically and process-integrated for critical goods. Verify your materials and SAP documents against embargo lists and good lists. Find out deliveries which require a licence.

M.SecureTrade VAT Number Check

Check the accuracy of VAT Identification Numbers (VAT ID Nos.) directly in your SAP system. Avoid unnecessary VAT payments resulting from incorrect VAT ID numbers.

M.SecureTrade Entry Certificate

Create, manage and monitor Entry Certificates and goods-received verifications in a way that is both reliably auditable and fully-integrated into SAP.

M.SecureTrade ATLAS

Speed up the management of your ATLAS customs activities. Turn to this certified, fully integrated Mercoline SAP solution right from the start. Leave your EDI communication with customs authorities to the EDI professionals at Mercoline.

M.SecureTrade Sanctioned Party List Screening

Screen business partners against the current sanctioned party lists directly in your SAP system. Avoid sanctions against your company.

M.SecureTrade Preference Management

Mercoline provides an integrated solution for SAP that automates supplier declaration management and makes it transparent. Mercoline support preference calculation and the issuing of origin declarations on invoices.

Good to know

Mercoline not only provides and implements software, it also offers customers comprehensive expertise on affiliated and related processes and modules in SAP. In this way, the software adapts to your requirements, allowing the entire process to run in just the way you want, extending beyond the software's physical framework. Please see SAP Consultation for more information.