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SAP Business Intelligence

Data management and analysis at the highest level

Intelligent linking and evaluation of business data

SAP Business Intelligence consolidates and systematically analyzes data. Mercoline helps you collect information in SAP BI, process the information for informative analyses and provide access to the results (also via the web) to users.

Setting up and operating a BI System

SAP expertise for the entire process - from requirements analysis and conception to setting up the reporting system

Integration of source systems

Connection of SAP and non-SAP source systems

Analytical reporting

Cross-system evaluations from different systems (e.g. SAP ERP, S/4HANA, SAP BW, external sources)

From individual topics to complex SAP BI projects

Mercoline supports you from individual topics to complex SAP BI projects with first-class specialist knowledge of SAP BI (anyDB / HANA) and SAP Business Objects.


Maßgeschneiderte und kostengünstige Problemlösungen finden.



Professionelle und verlässliche Umsetzung garantieren.



Mehr Performance und Stabilität erreichen.


Schulung und Coaching

Erfahrungen und Wissen von erfahrenen SAP-BI-Experten aus erster Hand erhalten.

Making decisions with Business Intelligence

SAP BI for your process support

One of Mercoline's particular strengths is its comprehensive expertise in integrating industry requirements. This includes topics such as:

  • Corporate planning and consolidation
  • Sales analyses and planning (sales statistics, order status, sales planning)
  • Customer analyses and customer success planning
  • Category management analyses and planning
  • Analyses and planning for production (batch records, energy balances, production statistics, demand planning, degree of delivery, ...)
  • Support of controlling and accounting (ABC customer analyses, profit centre accounting, gross profit, plant comparisons, payment behaviour, liquidity forecast, ...)

System maintenance and optimization for SAP BW

To maintain and improve the performance and speed of the SAP BW system, Mercoline offers comprehensive expertise from numerous SAP BI projects, such as

  • Preparation and implementation of upgrade and migration (Unicode)
  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • Monitoring and optimization of database volume
  • Data clearing (Data clearing)
  • Optimization of modeling and control of processes in SAP BW