Export control screenings in SAP

M.SecureTrade Export Control: compliance screenings against goods lists and embargo lists

Today, export control support through SAP solutions is essential for the sustained success of internationally active companies and for compliance with foreign trade provisions. With M.SecureTrade Export Control we support you by the implementation of efficient export control processes in SAP.

  • Automated tests against embargo and goods lists
  • Simple monitoring of all test results
  • Generation of ATLAS document proposals possible
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  • Automatic data import (DE, EU, ...)
  • Extensive verifications possible (manual, batch, in-process)
  • Order block for hits
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SAP integration
  • Transferring data from SAP master data / documents
  • Usage of SAP archiving system for inspection documents
  • Rapid implementation
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  • Implementation of national and international export control regulations
  • Increase employee productivity by automating data import and validation routines
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  • Which regulations apply to export control?
  • Typical questions on export control
  • Why is export control important?
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  • Comprehensive consulting know-how
  • Important consulting topics (foreign trade data, Intrastat)
  • Implementation of Internal Compliance Program (ICP)
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Reduce compliance risks in SAP


M.SecureTrade Export Control provides wide-ranging support for export experts

National embargo check

  • Administrating embargoes (also according to their scope/measures)
  • Process/Job check of the recipient country and the destination country
  • Locking SAP documents

Critical goods check

  • Automatic check of materials and SAP SD docs with the goods lists
  • Check of the total and delta lists (BA tariffs export) 
  • Monitoring check objects in the Export control monitor

Critical end-use check (Dual Use)

  • Access to legal basics (export list, measures, instructions) 
  • Ability to use White lists and Black lists
  • Managing checked object documents and licences

M.SecureTrade Export Control: compliance screenings against goods lists and embargo lists

M.SecureTrade Export Control supports you:

  • M.SecureTrade Export Control automates compliance screenings of goods lists and embargo lists
  • M.SecureTrade Export Control handles scannable lists from the German Federal Gazette (TarifeExport) and in-house lists
    • National regulations such as the AWG (German Foreign Trade Act), AWV (German Foreign Trade Ordinance) or KWKG (German War Weapons Control Act)
    • European regulations such as the Dual-Use Directive and national embargos
  • M.SecureTrade Export Control relieves the workload of export managers
    • in the search for critical materials and procedures
    • in processing and monitoring hits (objects of checks)
  • M.SecureTrade Export Control is fully integrated into SAP
    • Independent development within the Mercoline namespace.
    • Available starting with SAP ERP version 6.0 
Your contact person

Falko Richter

Product manager foreign trade

Mercoline GmbH
Am Borsigturm 100
13507 Berlin

Tel. +49 (0)30-436589-0


M.SecureTrade Export Control provides a big range of functions - from practical experience for practical application:

  • Import programmes for importing data from external files and in-house (Black) lists 
    • Data can be input on a fully automatic basis per batch run
    • Check for changes and the creation of delta lists
  • Manual check (Quick Check) of materials & commodity codes 
    • Depiction of the details regarding export restrictions (AL texts, measures,  instructions, footnotes)
    • Hits portrayed visibly in the Export control monitor
  • Automatic batch and process check
    • With the creation and change of material master data
    • With the creation and change of SD docs (order, dispatch)
    • After importing data (total/delta upload)
    • Hits portrayed visibly in the Export control monitor and in the job check protocols
  • Hits trigger a block on orders and deliveries; block can be lifted by authorised employees
  • Managing Whitelist entries
  • Monitoring of all hits in the M.SecureTrade Export Control Monitor
    • Status overview and traffic light showing the status of hits processing 
    • Detailed info regarding the check objects and processing (approval, rejection, …)
    • Initiation of a maintenance dialogue (e.g. unlocking or skipping to material master data)
    • Initiation of Whitelist entries
    • Documentation of decisions by attaching documents (GOS)
  • Logging of all check procedures in check logs
  • Logging of all changes in SAP change logs
  • Authorisations are directed via authorisation objects
  • Link with M.SecureTrade ATLAS or other third party ATLAS software: Generation of ATLAS documentation code recommendations
Architecture exportcontrol

High level of automation and flexibility

Overview of the components of M.SecureTrade Export Control
Productfolder M.SecureTrade Export Control
SAP integration

[Translate to englisch:] Vorteile einer SAP-integrierten Lösung nutzen

Compared to stand-alone solutions or web-based applications, M.SecureTrade's Export Control is fully integrated into your SAP landscape. From the direct transfer of data from SAP tables (e.g. from preceding documents such as orders, deliveries) to the storage of inspection documents in existing SAP archiving system - with M.SecureTrade Export Control you will realize the benefits of an SAP-integrated solution.

Automated, secure and user-friendly


Reasons for choosing M.SecureTrade Export Control

  • Support regarding national and international export control regulations and guidelines
  • Complete integration into SAP ERP, no interfaces to third-party systems
  • Automation of data import and check routines reduce employee workloads
  • Great flexibility with regard to managing and automating check processes
  • Integrated exception handling (e.g. White/Blacklists) reduces processing steps
  • Fast overview of the status of hits with the help of the Export control status monitor
  • Great audit security thanks to logging/archiving directly in the SAP system
  • Combination with other M.SecureTrade solutions possible

Services on which you can count

M.SecureTrade Export Control was developed in that way that it is available in few days on your SAP test system. 

  • Provision of the SAP transports for input into the SAP System
  • Provision of the documentation (administration and user manual)
  • Tailored customizing enables flexible use of the application
  • Integration of specific customer requirements via predefined BAdIs
  • Mercoline provides updates as part of the maintenance agreement.

Where is the jurisdiction for export control?

For German und european companies, the European Union directives and national laws are binding, so both EU law and German law must be complied with. 

  • National regulations such as the AWG (German Foreign Trade Act), AWV (German Foreign Trade Ordinance) or KWKG (German War Weapons Control Act)
  • European regulations such as the Dual-Use Directive and country embargos

The presiding authority in Germany is the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). When exporting US goods from Germany (re-exports), US export regulations must also be complied with.

What are typical questions regarding export control?

Export controls consist primarily of checks, and there are several elements that must be checked precisely. These include the goods to be exported, their final destination, how they will be used by the final recipient, the identity of the final recipient and more. Other questions to consider include:

  • Are there permit obligations for the goods scheduled to be supplied?
  • Are the goods to be delivered to a country that is under embargo?
  • Is there information that may suggest a potentially critical final use?
  • Can any of the transaction participants be found on a sanctions list (“terrorist list”)?

Why is export control important for you?

  • Violations are subject to strict punishment. Unauthorised exports can be fined by up to 500,000 euros with incarceration of up to fifteen years
  • Companies that fail to comply with US re-export laws can be excluded from trading with US products

Map all of your foreign trade data and processes in SAP

There are numerous positions within an SAP system that contain foreign trade data, e.g. supplier master records, purchasing info records, material master datasets or customer master records. Such foreign trade data include general foreign trade information as well as other information on legal controls. Our SAP foreign trade consultants are experienced in helping customers map these data in their SAP systems. Typical consultation issues regarding SAP foreign trade management are:

  • Customising all import and export processes and efficiently integrating them into the logistics chain
  • Automatic check of export permits on the basis of current regulations
  • Simplification of reporting thanks to automatic processes for the creation, printing and layout of messages
  • Efficient management of business processes with EDI communication
  • Accessibility to foreign trade data in all important SAP components
  • Administration of export master data
  • Periodic updating of the Sova master file (list of the valid commodity codes)

Periodic declarations for Intrastat in SAP

Periodic declarations simplify creation of those declarations required by customs posts and other official authorities. These declarations are used to manage statistics on goods imported and exported into and out of economic zones and trade regions. Mercoline supports you in the set-up and optimal mapping of these requirements on both the import (SAP MM) and export side (SAP SD). We help you create automatic periodic declarations in order to minimise manual effort. Typical consultation issues regarding Intrastat declarations with SAP are:

  • Creation of declarations on the basis of data from SAP SD documents and SAP MM documents
  • Creation of declarations in the foreground or as batch jobs in the background
  • Dispatch of declarations on paper, disk, in EDI format or per e-mail (depending on applicable national regulations)
  • Simulation of declaration creation
  • Comprehensive log of incomplete items to support the creation of precise, complete declarations

Further consulting topics related to export control

In addition to our own SAP software solution M.SecureTrade Export control Mercoline also provides very specific support in the implementation of special export control requirements (EU, US) into your SAP system. Whether you need expert advice regarding the optimisation of import and export processes or customisation of your SAP functionalities, our qualified SAP consultants will ensure that your requirements are met quickly and professionally. These include:

  • General foreign trade management (foreign trade data/information)
  • Intrastat declarations (periodic declarations)