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Consulting and implementation of EU-INTRASTAT functionalities in SAP standard

Periodic declarations for INTRASTAT notifications in SAP

Periodic declarations facilitate the preparation of declarations required by customs offices and other government agencies. Such declarations are used to maintain statistics on goods exported and imported into economic zones and trading regions. Mercoline helps you set up and manage these requirements on the import (SAP MM) and the export side (SAP SD).

We help you to create such periodic reports automatically and to minimize the manual effort. Typical consulting issues in the area of INTRASTAT declarations with SAP include, e.g.:

  • Creation of notifications based on data from SAP SD documents and SAP MM documents
  • Creation of messages in the foreground or as batch jobs in the background
  • Transmission of notifications on paper, via file, EDI format or by e-mail (depending on the respective state regulation)
  • Simulation of notification generation
  • Comprehensive log of incomplete positions to help create accurate and complete notifications
All Mercoline solutions can also be used in the subscription model.

Basic principle procedure of the INTRASTAT declaration

  1. Selection of data from the relevant purchasing or sales documents
  2. Based on these parameters, the system selects the data and writes it to an intermediate file
  3. Creation of the notification - depending on the regulations of the authorities - on paper, as a file (for the upload to the Internet) or for transfer via e-mail or EDI
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