Shipping logistics in SAP

Streamline your logistics processes

Transportation management offers great opportunities for optimization today and in the future. New technologies have created more efficient problem solutions and new potentials have been identified. Intelligent cooperation between suppliers, manufacturers, logistics companies and customers can eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain. And regardless of whether the classic SAP ERP or S/4HANA is used as a platform: Mercoline's proven solutions are used in both worlds.

Freight cost management

Freight rate calculation, freight settlement und freight rate analysis in SAP
using M.ShippingRates

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Packing in SAP

Simplification of the packing process and HU-creation at the packing station using M.PackingStation

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LSP/CEP shipping solution

Integration of logistics service providers (LSP) and courier, express and parcel services (CEP) in your SAP system using M.TransportCommunicator

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Manage your logistics processes with Mercoline solutions


For your shipping processes, Mercoline provides a comprehensive solution from a single vendor. The key differentiator for all involved partners is the use of solutions that can be easily integrated into your SAP system thereby providing accurate information for the entire supply chain.

The solutions to manage transport logistics processes comprise:

  1. Freight Cost Management in SAP
    Freight Cost Calculation, Freight Cost Accounting and Freight Cost Analysis M.ShippingRates
  2. Packing in SAP
    Simplification of packing processes at the packing table M.PackingStation
  3. CEP/freight forwarder connection
    Integration of Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) in the SAP System M.TransportCommunicator

The solutions are implemented as SAP add-ons and can be used individually or together. Additional synergies are created when using other Mercoline add-ons. For example, the tracking data from M.TransportCommunicator can be used for the settlement of Entry Certificates (Gelangensbestätigung) as proof of delivery.

Prozess overview shipping logistics

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Modular components for shipping logistics in SAP

Solution components

Mercoline offers a suite of components to overcome your challenges in shipping logistics. Some components consist of software modules developed by Mercoline. Other components extend your existing SAP functionality by customzing your SAP system. The individual modules can be deployed stand-one or as part of the suite.


Packaging and labeling

As a central component solution is M.TransportCommunicator involved in the preparation of labels, manifestos and communications with the LSP.

The application M.PackingStation is used to create handling units easily and swiftly. To increase the user-friendliness even further, the connection of a scale and a scanner is advantageous. This reduces data entry errors, thereby avoiding unnecessary corrections in subsequent steps.

Freight rate calculation

The freight rate calculation is useful for instance for a preliminary cost estimate of delivery costs from different logistics service providers.
Typical question: How much more expensive is a 8:00 service?

Freight cost settlement

Determine the actual costs of freight costs. Typical questions: What are the shipping rates for this shipment? Is my freight invoice correct? 

Freight cost analysis

Analysis of freight charges related to different parameters:
Typical questions: What are my shipping volume according to different regions or transportation service? Does my parcel meet the promised delivery times?

Packaging material management using standard SAP functionality

Packaging can be managed in stock, so that automatic calls-offs are possible with suppliers. Similarly, returnable packaging materials can be managed, for example for a pallet or special containers.

Freight lists using standard SAP functionality

Various freight lists can be generated, for example, to perform a loading check.

Packaging proposals using standard SAP functionality

For more complex packaging processes, packaging proposals can be made by the SAP system. Depending on the application scenario, automatic packaging can be an effective process to reduce complexity at the packing station.

Dangerous goods using standard SAP functionality

Dangerous goods data that is maintained in SAP materials are included in the shipping process. The dangerous goods classes and amounts of the material can be communicated to the LSP. Likewise, other documents such as HazMat documents or danger labels can be printed.