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EWM connection

Bidirectional communication between SAP ERP and SAP EWM

Straight processes without media breaks with the EWM connector

For its M.TransportCommuniator solution, Mercoline offers the extension "EWM Connector", which allows an SAP EWM to be connected to M.TransportCommuniator. This ensures bidirectional communication between EWM and ERP system (ECC & S/4) via M.TransportCommunicator.

Fully integrated in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

Smooth shipping process

The EWM connector enables a smooth shipping process that is compatible with an EWM and avoids process breaks. For example, M.TransportCommunicator can transfer deliveries to EWM and block the document in ERP and vice versa. Handling units from the warehouse use to create shipping orders for the transport service providers. In addition, labels can be reprinted for individual packing items and handling units from EWM. With Mercoline's EWM connector, you no longer have to worry about an improper transfer of data from EWM to your ERP system using M.TransportCommunicator.

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How the EWM connector works

Transport logistics solutions from one source


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