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Shipment Consolidation in SAP

Consolidate shipments automatically and reduce shipping costs

Mercoline is offering a “Shipment Consolidation” expansion for your M.TransportCommuniator solution, enabling you to automatically condense multiple shipments to the same recipient into one. This reduces your shipping costs with no extra effort on your part. The system recognizes whether a shipment to one recipient on one day has already been created, and then automatically produces a consolidation document for each following shipment. Many CEPs such as UPS offer significantly better rates for consolidated shipments. This new feature from Mercoline enables you to benefit from this without changing your processes.

An old, familiar problem - A simple solution

Several steps used to be necessary to compile multiple shipments into a single one:

  1. The second order is received from Customer A on the same day, and must be recognized as such.
  2. The first order from Customer A has to be opened up again.
  3. The document already prepared for the first order has to be cancelled in the system.
  4. Only then is it possible to consolidate the two orders, and only manually.
  5. Once both orders are ready for shipment they have to be relabeled.

Mercoline’s Shipment Consolidation reduces five steps down to one:

The second order is received from Customer A on the same day and is automatically recognized. Consecutive, mutually referencing labels are automatically produced for the second order and all other orders coming in that day from the recipient. The CEP recognizes this as the same shipment, reducing the costs of the shipment overall.

Reduction of manual activities, lower freight costs.

At a glance

  • Consolidate UPS shipments fully automatically.
  • Lower costs with faster processing for shipping.
  • No training for new processes required.
  • Fast implementation as an expansion of your existing solution.
  • Great savings on shipping costs with reduced implementation effort.
All Mercoline solutions can also be used in the subscription model.
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