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EDI service provider

Flexible and affordably EDI integration

As an EDI provider, Mercoline delivers powerful and cost-effective business integration solutions. The CS.Line communications platform is a fully developed, centrally administered communication network. All you need is one connection to easily reach all other network partners, eliminating the need for investment in your own network infrastructure. Mercoline takes care of it all, from set-up to start-up to administration.

EDI solutions

B2B integration platform with modular communication services.
EDI services
Signatur service 

EDI offers

Customized solutions for EDI beginners and professionals.
EDI outsourcing
EDI for new users
EDI costs
Procedural model

In your industry

Automobile industry, trade, production industry, logistics ...

Reliable EDI services

High-availability EDI systems and first-class 24/7 support

All commonly-used EDI formats

Large variety of EDI formats, including international formats

EDI volume rates starting at 50 € a month

Affordable EDI rates
Fixed monthly EDI flat rates and EDI packages

Fixed-rate EDI migration
Complete or step-by-step transfer at a fixed rate

Modular packages for industries and mid-sized companies
EDI communication for core processes at attractive terms

Low project costs
Can be paid over the course of three years at a flat monthly rate