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Foreign trade documents

Legally compliant documents for optimum foreign trade transactions

Foreign trade documents consist of certificates and other documentation required for conducting foreign trade transactions. Mercoline supports companies in determining which data is required in the SAP system for these documents, and in issuing these for the widest variety of foreign trade forms. 

Typical foreign trade documents

Certificates of origin for the declaration of preferential origin

  • Customization of invoice forms for declarations of origin on invoice
  • Provision of customizable movement certificates (EUR.1, EUR.Med, A.TR)

Certificates of origin for the declaration of non-preferential origin

  • Implementation of the forms for creating the IHK certificate of origin (request, CO)
  • Output of an XML file for uploading as an  electronic certificate of origin (e-CO)
  • Consulting and development for adapting the forms on the basis of SAP documents, e.g. invoices

Provision of export accompanying documents

  • Management and printing of export accompanying documents (EAD) and export notices (EN) is a standard feature of the Mercoline M.SecureTrade ATLAS solution
  • Support in the creation and printing of export accompanying documents (EAD) as part of the ATLAS emergency concept
  • Support in the manual supply of export accompanying documents (EAD) based on the single administrative document

Creation of transport documents

  • Implementation and adaptation of the form for the CMR consignment note
  • Other forms can be implemented by Mercoline's foreign trade experts as part of consulting projects

Print-ready foreign trade documents (SAP standard)

  • Setup of corresponding message types for the existing forms from the SAP standard (SAP SD-FT)
  • Customization of printouts based on the billing document
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