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EDI and SAP from a single source

Mercoline is both an EDI specialist and a provider of SAP solutions. Our solutions and process consultations do not begin and end at defined data transfer points or with your SAP system. Ensuring continuous, comprehensive business processes throughout your system is a top priority for our EDI and SAP experts.

Mercoline ...
  • Offers you ONE single solution for the 100% integration of the processes and business partners spanning the whole of your company, i.e. suppliers, customers, shipping companies, customs, etc.
  • Accounts for your specific requirements as an SAP user.
  • Provides you with additional SAP add-ons, for instance in relation to transport management and ATLAS customs clearance.
  • Supports you in SAP customising of affiliated processes such as IDoc creation or data extraction.

EDI directly from SAP

With integrated CS.Line EDI services, companies can exchange electronic data including orders, invoices, delivery notes and other documents with their business partners straight from their SAP systems. Mercoline provides predefined business content and IDoc formats for this purpose. In addition, we can actively link your EDI processes into the Mercoline Communications Network using SAP Netweaver PI technology. 

From SAP to SAP users

The interchange of data between the Mercoline CS.Line communications platform and your company is based on SAP standards like IDocs. Mercoline has developed special IDoc communication profiles, ensuring that companies using SAP both inside and outside of the Mercoline Communications Network are compatible. As a result, you save significant costs when implementing EDI communication processes and release your internal ERP processes from the constantly changing demands of your trading and business partners, regardless of the system in use.

Add-ons for SAP combined with EDI

As an EDI partner and Mercoline customer, you have access to the SAP solutions from Mercoline’s M.Line software suite. This SAP software solution can be fully integrated into your system, expanding the functionality of your SAP infrastructure and allowing you to optimize specific business processes in areas such as Transportation Management or ATLAS customs clearance. All this is achieved without introducing additional SAP external components. In addition, you can also use Mercoline’s EDI services for your business data exchange needs. 

SAP add-ons

M.TransportCommunicator: Integrate courier, express and parcel services (CEPs) as well as freighting companies into your SAP system. This affordably priced comprehensive solution includes EDI services for the electronic exchange of shipping messages as well as track-&-trace information with transport service providers. M.SecureTrade ATLAS: Accelerate the transaction of your ATLAS customs activities and leave EDI communication with customs authorities to the EDI pros from Mercoline. M.SecureTrade VAT ID Number Check: Check the accuracy of VAT ID numbers directly from your SAP system. Mercoline takes care of your communication with web services from the German tax authorities (BZSt) and the EU (VIES).