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EDI platform

CS.Line: One platform instead of numerous service providers

Are you looking for a single-source EDI service provider to cover all your needs in integrating external business partners and cross-company processes both today and in the future? Are you looking for a solution that genuinely lightens your workload? Do you need an EDI outsourcing partner that goes above and beyond simply providing hardware and software to offer you a real business-to-business platform?

Then Mercoline is the EDI service provider for you. CS.Line from Mercoline is a high-performance B2B integration platform with modular communication services. Mix and match to create the solution you need: CS.EDI: EDI services
CS.eSignature: Signatur services

Flip a switch and go?

It’s not hard for our competitors to promise one-size-fits-all technical solutions, but we know from experience that almost every solution requires adaptations tailored to the individual customer. For instance, orders placed by a single business partner via the EDIFACT ORDERS format are not always the same, and certain SAP-IDoc standards are not identical for all companies using SAP. Mercoline accounts for such particularities in the CS.Line platform and activates each one on an individual customer basis.

CS.Line allows you to grow

Decide with complete flexibility which communication services you want to use. At the outset, customers often only want Priority 1 services, then gradually expand to meet new business needs. Our customers are very excited about the possibilities we offer. These include the DATEV exchange of signed invoices, the integration of shipment data or track-&-trace information from shipping companies, courier services (such as UPS, DHL or DPD) and more.

Business operations in the Cloud

We’ve all heard about the incredible abilities of “The Cloud”, so it should come as little surprise that the world of electronic data interchange (EDI) has been moving toward cloud-managed services for years. As an experienced service provider with data centres throughout Germany, Mercoline offers expert, cloud-managed EDI services you can trust.

E-commerce connection

In the digital age, the ability to exchange data with web shops and web portals has become increasingly important. We have already connected many customers to prominent platforms such as AMAZON and ebay, in addition to special industry-specific platforms such as nexmart. Please inquire for more information.