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Entry certificates directly in SAP

M.SecureTrade Entry Certificate

Manage entry certificates directly in SAP

In the case of VAT-exempt EU deliveries companies are obligated to prove that the recipient has actually received the goods. Mercoline’s. M.SecureTrade Entry Certificate is an SAP-integrated solution in which Entry Certificates may be automatically created, sent, monitored and dunned in your SAP application.

The solution at a glance

Create and manage Entry Certifcates and alternative certificates

  • Suitable for classical German Entry Certificates as well as for different types of alternative certificates
  • Integrated evaluation of track & trace data (SAP XSI tables) or EDI messages (SAP IDoc)
  • High automation of customer-specific feedback paths, e.g. freight forwarding certificates, consignment notes, etc.

High level of automatization covering all processes from request to monitoring

  • Automatic or manual creation on the basis of preliminary documents (e.g. delivery)
  • Bulk generation of entry certificates by batch job
  • Continuous automation of processes for dispatch and collection of data

Sending and receiving entry certificates via automated communication channels (e.g. web portal)

  • Flexible shipping and receipt of ECs via a wide range of communication channels
  • High level of automatization and reporting via web portal, Adobe Interactive Forms or EDI messages possible
  • Control of the various communication channels down to the level of individual business partners

Implementation of legal simplifications (in accordance with the VAT Directive)

  • Possibility to use more than one EC type: Single EC or Collective EC
  • Fully automatic, simple reporting by means of a one-time link and web portal
  • Access to the CEP or shipping company track-&-trace data (XSI tables) available in the SAP system
  • Integration of generic object services (SAPGOS) for linking documents with the SAP document

High transparency and compliance

  • Logging of all messages/status changes directly in the EC document
  • Automatic entry of the original file via SAP GOS (e.g. XML file from the web portal)
  • Creation of SAP change documents for the traceability of changes
  • Control over access to transaction authorisations and authorisation objects
  • Ability to archive EC documents 

Extensive monitoring and control possibilities

  • tatus monitor for tracking ECs with a traffic light function and processing possibilities (e.g. status change, dunning reminder, cancellation)
  • Invoice monitor functions as an EC status control from the invoicing view
  • Ability to configure multi-level, automatic dunning processes
Fully integrated in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

The following is a brief summary of the standard process

The application automatically enters the required data from SAP documents (e.g. from deliveries) and creates an Entry Certificate document (SAP EC document)

Dispatch and receipt of the ECs is executed using a wide range of communication channels, e.g. via e-mail with PDF (SmartForm), e-mail with one-time link/web portal, IDoc/EDI, fax or hard copy printout

The application automatically takes care of the inbound processing of reporting and administration for a variety of Entry Certificates

With the help of the EC status monitor and the EC invoice monitor, all EC documents can be monitored and further qualified from the SD or FI view

If desired, overdue Entry Certificates are automatically dunned (3 dunning levels)

All Mercoline solutions can also be used in the subscription model.

Ideally combine solution components! Manage entry certificates flexibly.

The optimum implementation of our M.SecureTrade Entry Certificate software solution depends on the processes that are already established within your company, and the IT environment into which it needs to be integrated. The legal stipulations from the revised VAT Directive give companies leeway as to how they map verification obligations. Some companies choose to have Single Entry Certificates for each invoice mailed, scanned using the barcode and then linked with the SAP document. Others have all the deliveries to each goods recipient within the last month verified electronically via web portal with a Collective EC once a month. Alternatively, the foreign offices of the company in question send receipt verifications via EDI. In particular, larger companies dealing with numerous deliveries need to have solutions that retrieve, monitor, dunn and generally manage, to the greatest possible extent, the Entry Certificates in an electronic, automated way. Most importantly, companies avoid external solutions, interfaces, etc.

Mercoline provides the M.SecureTrade/Entry Certificate solution for companies using SAP. With its extensive features and system architecture, this solution can be fully-integrated into SAP systems and flexibly adapted to accommodate the processes you are looking for. Below is a selection of “solution components”

  • EC preliminary document types: Deliveries, invoices (SD document)
  • EC types: Single EC or Collective EC
  • EC dispatch channels: E-mail with PDF (SmartForm or Adobe Interactive Forms), e-mail with one-time link/web portal, fax, IDoc/EDI, printout
  • EC reporting processes: Web portal, XSI/Tracking, SAPGOS, IDoc, manually
  • EC status monitor: Individual selection criteria can be chosen from the EC view
  • EC invoice monitor: Individual selection criteria can be chosen from the invoicing view 

Easy to extend: Obtain industry-specific proofs of delivery electronically

In addition to the entry certificate, companies often want or need to obtain further proof of delivery from their customers or other business partners. The types of such proofs are numerous and vary from industry to industry. Examples include freight forwarding certificates or the receipt note in accordance with ChemVerbotsV (Prohibition of Chemicals Ordinance). These proofs of delivery or acknowledgements of receipt are usually requested in paper form from the receiver of the goods. This is not only very time-consuming for the supplier but also for the recipient. Often the complete certificates are missing at the end and are not available for official inspections. 

Mercoline has enhanced its M.SecureTrade Entry Certificate solution so that, in addition to confirmation of receipt, other proofs can also be obtained from business partners. The system distinguishes between document types and document categories. This is used to control the characteristics of the Mercoline EC document, the forms or the web portal. User companies can therefore process several documents using the same application and the same web portal. The degree of automation can reach almost 100%, as the issuers of the certificates only need one browser.

Reference story: OXEA creates automated verifications for the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance


The Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance of 2017 requires that the delivery and receipt of particularly dangerous products be documented in writing. An efficient, automated process for implementing the requirements was needed.


  • The procedure should confirm and document the intended use and receipt in a simple manner
  • Products that fall under the ChemVerbotsV now have an identifier so that all deliveries with these products can be put together for each month retrospectively

"We have no media breaks during processing. The entire process is automated and we do not need a separate procedure that is unfamiliar to the employees. The legal requirements of the ChemVerbotsV are met and we have access to all documents at any time during an examination."
Andreas Reul, SAP Application Manager Supply Chain & Sales Order Management, OXEA GmbH


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