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EDI network

Global EDI link-up - Profit from the community

Why reinvent the wheel when you can become a partner in the Mercoline Communications Network? This network is your EDI connection to the automated exchange of data with thousands of business partners throughout the world. Innumerable customer projects have confirmed that your suppliers and customers are the same as those of other partners in the network. Forget the classic, separate EDI connections. Once you are linked into the Mercoline CS.Line communications platform, you can easily reach the broadest range of companies and institutions such as customers, suppliers, freighting and courier services, data pools, industry portals, customs authorities and more.

Take advantage of the existing connections to your business partners!

Your benefits as a partner in the Mercoline Communications Network:

  • An immediate link with all network partners or new business partners, enabling you to extend your reach quickly
  • Operational costs are distributed according to the "Economy of Scale" principle and are subsequently far lower than for an internal solution
  • Profit from the integration of new partners, communication channels and formats
  • Great customer satisfaction thanks to your ability to react quickly to changes implemented by your business partners
  • Great compatibility that nevertheless accommodates special features of the network participants’ business processes
  • Mercoline’s comprehensive monitoring and premium level of service guarantees an enormous increase in your EDI security