Transport logistics updates in the first half of 2024

The digitalisation of transport logistics will progress even further in 2024. The new year will see important projects for shippers who use DHL Express, UPS or FedEx with M.TransportCommunicator or M.ShippingRates:  FedEx and UPS have announced major API modernisations that will be supported with updates to M.ShippingRates and M.TransportCommunicator in early March 2024. Due to the mandatory changes that FedEx and UPS are introducing, shippers must implement important interface updates by June 2024 to ensure uninterrupted shipping. The focus of the interface updates is to further increase the cyber security of the transport service provider backends. Mercoline will support you in this project with targeted implementation support and the appropriate software. There will also be two webinars specifically for the UPS migration in January 2024. 

EDI outsourcing before SAP S/4HANA migration

Today, nothing works in modern companies without the integration of customers, suppliers, banks, customs and other business partners. More and more SAP user companies are recognizing not only the savings potential of standardized data exchange, e.g. via EDI, but also the competitive advantage, e.g. in the delivery of tracking data to customers.