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EDI outsourcing

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Our solution for EDI outsourcing

Outsourcing solutions tailored precisely to your needs are the ideal means of reducing your EDI costs. Mercoline operates EDI systems covering everything from monitoring to complete EDI processing. EDI outsourcing comprises the configuration and operation of all interfaces and covers everything from the receipt and dispatch of data to the conversion of EDI messages (e.g. EDIFACT, VDA) into your company’s preferred format, to the integration into your ERP system. Choose an EDI outsourcing option with Mercoline.

Our solution:

  • Mercoline provides all required hardware and software
  • Data storage is maintained in Germany
  • We construct a data interface between your company and the Mercoline CS.Line communications platform
  • The large number of existing partner profiles guarantees quick connection to your business partners
  • If you like, we can also directly handle all the arrangements with those partners to be connected
  • Mercoline provides participating partners with first level support on all issues related to data conversion, data communication and other services such as digital signature, for example

Your benefits:

  • You profit from our many years of project experience
  • You receive everything from a single source
  • You can freely define the data format and the communication protocol in order to benefit quickly from electronic data traffic
  • All of the EDI standard formats (e.g. EDIFACT, VDA, ODETTE, ANSI X.12, XML, CSV) as well as (e.g. SAP IDoc, SAP IDoc-XML) are available for you
  • You can use the most prevalent EDI communications channels including AS2, X.400, VPN, HTTPS, OFTP, OFTP2, etc
  • We guarantee round-the-clock system monitoring, fast repair and professional support
  • The ability to make long-term cost calculations enables you to conduct efficient planning

EDI outsourcing in comparison to EDI in-house operation using a standard market example

In-house EDI operationNotesOne-time costsAnnual costs
SoftwareEDI converter, operating system server€ 120.000  
HardwareServer (productive, back-up), router€ 10.000  
Introduction projectInstallation, mappings, training, tests€ 30.000  
Servicing/maintenance18% of purchase price € 21.600 
CommunicationX400, RDT, etc. €10.000 
Personnel costsAdministration, updates, support, training sessions € 55.000 
 Total€ 160.000 € 86.600 
EDI outsourcingNotesOne-time costsAnnual costs
Project costsCommunication installation, mappings, tests€ 15.000  
Operation/communicationAll-inclusive operational fee, X400, RDT, etc. € 6.500 
ConsultationUpdates (new partners and formats), support € 3.000 
 Total€ 15.000 € 9.500 

This calculation is based on the data from the following example: 5 message types with 30 business partners; 50,000 messages/year, 25 positions per document (on average); roughly 120 MB message volume annually; 1 staff member (including holiday/sick-leave substitute) needed.