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EDI offers

Customised services for EDI newcomers and transitioning users

If you're wondering whether it makes more business sense to outsource your existing EDI communication to an external service provider, the answer is YES. Or perhaps you're currently faced with a make-or-buy decision regarding EDI. 

In either case, Mercoline’s reliable, centrally-managed communication services provide a comprehensive solution. With Mercoline’s flexible, high-performance EDI services, constantly reinvesting in new EDI hardware and software is a thing of the past. 

EDI for transitioning users

Outsourcing your EDI requirements to Mercoline lets you focus on what really matters—your core business. We take care of all your EDI needs, from setting up new partner connections or messaging formats to operating and supervising the EDI system. Benefits include:  Experience with migration projects
  • Faster link-up to additional partners
  • Mercoline’s top level security
  • Fixed pricing offers for migration projects
  • Low long-term EDI costs
  • A lighter workload for your IT department

EDI for newcomers

An increasing number of customers and suppliers want to electronically exchange order or invoice data. With Mercoline’s affordable EDI services, you can expect your EDI capabilities to be up and running quickly and easily. Benefits include: Faster start-up times
  • No need to invest in additional EDI technology or knowledge
  • Minimal system requirements
  • System monitoring and professional support
  • Exceptionally quick implementation
  • EDI volume rates starting at 50 euros per month
Satisfied customers are our priority!

Many companies rely on Mercoline for their EDI expertise and continue to outsource their EDI business to Mercoline year after year. These companies include:

Berentzen-Gruppe AG: “Many service providers promise sustained cost reductions, but Mercoline truly makes good on that promise—the costs for partner profiles and system operation are consistently transparent and reasonable. This allows us to reliably calculate our savings right from the start”. (Wilhelm Heyen, Director of ERP applications and development)

Carl Kühne KG (GmbH & Co.): “From a strategic perspective, Mercoline is an important partner for us. Beyond their EDI expertise, Mercoline actively advises and supports us in implementing processes in our materials management system”. (Torsten Becker, Director of SAP application development).