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Consulting für Logistics

SAP Know-how für Logistik und Finanzwesen

Optimize SAP core processes and generate added value

The supply chain is the heart of your company. Due to its complexity, this requires extensive specialist knowledge and experience with the respective SAP modules and technologies. From purchasing to production to sales, the process must be right and the IT must provide optimum support. With your SAP system, you have created the best conditions for this. Mercoline will provide you with additional support for optimizing your SAP core processes.

Consulting for logistics and finance

  • Process consulting
  • Process implementation


  • Customer-specific extensions and evaluations
  • Forms (Smart Forms, Adobe Interactive Forms, SAPscript)
  • SAP support in the EDI environment


  • Advice and assistance with customer-specific support cases
  • User support and training

Increase sales and customer potential in distribution

With SAP SD, you can rely on a powerful solution for your sales processes, from order management through shipping to invoicing. You must be able to react flexibly to changing market and customer requirements. Mercoline SD consultants have the functional expertise to implement process improvements quickly and cost-effectively in your SAP system. We support you from the conception stage through process adaptation and, if necessary, also offer individual ABAP programming.

Here are some examples from recent customer projects:

  • Customer consignment processing
  • Returns processing
  • IDoc Connection to EDI (ORDERS, DESADV, INVOIC)

Create finance and controlling processes in SAP

Financial Accounting (FI) is an important instrument and an elementary component of corporate management. The balance sheet and profit and loss statement as a statement of your success must be correct - and at the same time should be prepared with as little effort as possible. Mercoline has many years of SAP experience in various constellations and offers process optimization and maintenance of existing SAP structures. No matter whether accounts receivable or accounts payable. Whether asset or bank accounting. Whether factoring or preparation for consolidation. Whether old or new general ledger.

Management Accounting (CO) from SAP offers a wide range of design options - also and especially across company boundaries. Overhead cost controlling, activity based costing, product cost controlling, profit and market segment accounting, profit center accounting - keywords that indicate the scope of SAP in the area of CO. Mercoline offers you both: an eye for what is feasible and a sense of proportion for what is necessary to make the right decisions when introducing and optimizing SAP FI / CO and to ensure integration into your existing SAP processes.

Enhancement of SAP business processes with interactive PDF documents

Internal business areas or external business partners are often excluded from automated data exchange with their own SAP ERP system. The flow of information is often paper-based and involves a great deal of manual effort. With the help of interactive forms (SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe), form data can be exchanged electronically, thus significantly reducing process costs. 

Mercoline implements your individual, form-based business processes. Here are a few practical examples:

  • Order confirmation / changes
  • Supplier contracts
  • Delivery requests
  • Delivery confirmation (based on shipping notification)
  • Entry certificates from customers
Consulting for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

Our project expertise

Paperless production in SAP (production orders, all production confirmations)

Implementierung eines Vendor Managed Inventory Prozesses und EDI-Austausch

Development of a multi-level offer calculation for customer-specific products

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