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Packaging in SAP

Quickly create handling units directly in your SAP system


M.PackingStation simplifies the packing table processes that take place prior to shipment directly in SAP system. This SAP add-on is a user-friendly solution that facilitates packing table processes, from choosing the packing materials to shipping the finished parcel.  The result: parcels or pallets are created quickly and error-free.

The creation of packages or pallets (handling units) in SAP becomes important when external shipping software is replaced. Since M.PackingStation writes the data in SAP standard HU structures, the data can be easily processed in subsequent processes, for example in the Mercoline shipping solution M.TransportCommunicator.

Create handling units quickly and directly in the SAP system.

HU creation in M.PackingStation is started by entering an SAP SD delivery, shipment, or order number. A freely selectable reference number can also be used. It is also possible to use bar codes. The items of the corresponding delivery are found using the SAP document flow and are then ready for HU assignment. Weights can be automatically transferred from a connected scale. Alternatively, weights can be calculated or entered manually. Dimensions of the handling units can be taken from SAP master data of the packaging materials or can also be added manually.

  1. Aim the scanner at the barcode of the delivery note number to select the delivery (or transport).
  2. Aim the scanner at the barcode for the packing material to select the packing material.
  3. Press or scan an F-button to create a HU. A single HU can be created by using a short-cut.
  4. Press or scan an F-button to print the parcel label.
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The solution at a glance

Directly utilize SAP document data without an interface to external systems

Create multi-level handling units (HUs in HU packing)

Utilize the packing results in M.TransportCommunicator

Fully integrated in the SAP system

  • Use of standard HU structures in SAP
  • Minimal training required, no use of another shipping application
  • SAP master and transaction data are used directly
  • Full integration in SAP logistics processes
  • Using the SAP document flow possible
  • Unified architecture (no new hardware, database, etc.)
  • For SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA 
Fully integrated in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

Selected project references

Daily dangerous goods shipment at HBM

“Up until now, every packer has had a list of individual hazardous goods and special regulations regarding appropriate packaging, labelling stickers and shipping cartons. The sheer number of different regulations always means there’s a risk of declaring something incorrectly”

Gerhard Geisser, Logistics Manager, HBM

Bender profitiert von verzahnten SAP Add-ons

"We were looking for a way to save time and have immediate access to all of the data needed to trace shipments around the world. We wanted every Bender employee to be able to track shipment statuses using Track & Trace,"

Markus Bieker, Logistikleiter, Bender GmbH


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