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Supplier declarations in SAP

Customer-side supplier declarations with M.SecureTrade Preference Management

Automatically obtain long-term supplier declarations from suppliers

Mercoline offers a solution that automates the issuing of supplier declarations for customers. With M.SecureTrade Preference Management, preference statements for supplied materials can be determined in a matter of seconds. This significantly reduces the effort required for handling such supplier declarations.

The solution at a glance

Automatically generate and send customer side long-term supplier declarations

  • Determination of materials with preferential origin (preference indicator) for customers (debtors)
  • Limitation via goods movement data possible, e.g. only for delivered materials
  • Creation of CD-documents containing all materials and all costing results per long-term supplier declarations

Real-time preference calculation for all materials and preference countries

  • Calculation of all materials for all preference countries and their agreements
  • Determination of unique preference statements per material and per plant or across plants
  • Consideration of ex-factory pricing methods for threshold-dependent results

Automatic dispatch of customer-side long-term supplier declarations

  • Dispatch of customer-side LTSD forms (CD documents) via various dispatch channels, e.g. by e-mail
  • Aggregation of preference statements, e.g. at preference zone level, possible
  • Storage of all dispatched documents in the CD document

Monitoring of all CD documents in the CD status monitor

  • Status monitor of all issued CD documents
  • Easy overview of completed and open transactions

Recalculation and revocation of invalid materials

  • Automatic verification of valid CD documents through recalculation
  • Determination of the revocation requirement of individual or all materials
  • Creation of a revocation e-mail with updated LTSD document

100% SAP integrated

  • Fully integrated with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA
The advantages of the solution
  • Reduction of manual activities and improvement on efficiency when requesting/issuing supplier declarations
  • High flexibility regarding the combination of SD operations (for example, if the same material is used in several plants)
  • High SD response rates through the use of modern communication channels, e.g. via web portal and mobile devices
  • Reduction of compliance risk through automated exception handling (e.g. reminder)
  • High transparency of all SD processes through SD monitoring and logging of all messages/changes to the SD document
  • Full SAP integration and use of SAP standard functionalities such as links, authorizations and archiving

M.SecureTrade Preference Management is the alternative to complex SAP preference management solutions or non-SAP solutions.

All Mercoline solutions can also be used in the subscription model.

Results of an IHK survey on supplier declarations (2016)

The pure wage costs for the preparation of a supplier's declaration average a good 96 euros. The mainproblems of the respondents are:

  • Audit and management of incoming SD (69%)
  • Conversion of validity period (63%)
  • Verification of rules of origin (52%)
  • Supplier declarations in paper form (83%)
  • No software to manage supplier declarations (60%)
  • 83% of companies issue supplier declarations in paper form.
  • 60% of companies do not use software to create and manage supplier declarations.

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