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ATLAS customs management in SAP

Automatically manage customs processes in your SAP system

M.SecureTrade ATLAS

Companies are required to electronically declare exports to non-EU countries to customs. Companies are required to declare non-EU exports to presiding customs authorities by electronic messages. The Mercoline M.SecureTrade ATLAS solution enables you to make these export declarations without expanding your IT infrastructure. Export declarations are integrated into your SAP system and reliable communication with customs is ensured by integrated EDI services.

The solution at a glance

Automated creation of electronic customs declarations based on SAP sales documents

  • Automatic transfer of all required data from various sources, such as pro forma invoices and deliveries
  • Adding ATLAS-specific data from customizing tables and code lists, such as loading locations, customs office of exit, customs office of export and much more
  • Mapping of item summarization by commodity code and creation of additional packing items

Compilation of several documents into one export declaration (if desired)

  • Manual or automatic export declaration creation via export storages
  • Flexible compilation of the export declaration by using customer-specific grouping characteristics

M.SecureTrade ATLAS document as a key document for the entire export process

  • Plausibility check of the entered data before shipping
  • Display and logging of messages and reported data from customs
  • Once reception has been confirmed by the customs authorities, the export accompanying document (ABD) and the exit notice (AGV) are available for printing or administration purposes.
  • Integration into SAP document flow

Active monitoring of export declarations and status determination

  • Monitoring of all export declaration documents
  • Event management and alerting for certain customs notifications such as follow up process (FUP)
  • Check for missing information or incorrect registrations, e.g. using the IDoc view.

M.SecureTrade ATLAS is certified by customs

  • Regular adaptation to current customs requirements and continuous re-certification
  • Providing a logbook and reports
  • Archiving the ATLAS SAP documents

Integrated EDI services for the transmission of data with the customs authorities

  • Mercoline operates the EDI communication platform
  • Electronic exchange of export information with customs (24 h/7 days)
  • Continuous monitoring and ATLAS-integrated emergency plan
Fully integrated in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

Benefit from an SAP-integrated solution

This add-on to your SAP system expands your IT infrastructure’s range of functions without having to add extra components or platforms. Compared to other solutions, this significantly reduces your company’s administration workload and accelerates your rate of ROI from M.SecureTrade ATLAS. Additional applications can be linked via interfaces. Using this Mercoline solution allows you to avoid media disruptions and to access information directly from upstream systems. The high-performance monitoring capability of this application also provides users with a clear overview of their customs processes.

Additional SAP integration benefits of M.SecureTrade ATLAS:

  • No modification required thanks to the use of an independent SAP namespace
  • Uses IDoc processing for exchanging messages with customs authorities
  • Uses the existing SAP user interface and SAP authorisation concept
  • Can be implemented quickly and adapted to meet your individual needs
  • Integration into the SAP document flow
  • SAP archiving capability

In comparison with isolated solutions or web-based applications, M.SecureTrade ATLAS provides the benefits of an integrated solutions

  • Duplicate entries are avoided
  • Transmission errors are eliminated
  • The entire process is accelerated
  • User satisfaction increases
  • External service provider costs for export declarations are eliminated
  • Transparency is increased
Reduce process costs

Reduce process costs

Depending on your starting situation, this software can save up to 75% of time previously spent on paper-based processes or online declarations. It also ensures that exit confirmations are sent directly from customs to the exporter, eliminating the paper-based administration of stamped export confirmations. Further advantages of M.SecureTrade ATLAS at a glance:

  • Significant acceleration of export operations and the elimination of time-consuming paper-based processes
  • Fast start-up is possible, as no new platform and no EDI converters are required
  • Complete integration in SAP means less necessary training and maintenance
  • Fulfilment of legal regulations ensures a high level of security
  • Documentation of the export processes means complete transparency

Our project expertise

Satisfied customers for M.SecureTrade ATLAS

M.SecureTrade ATLAS at Berentzen

Since 2008, the Berentzen Group AG has turned to two of Mercoline’s solutions, M.SecureTrade ATLAS and M.SecureTrade Sanctions Lists Check.

“Possible alternative solutions often demonstrated functional weaknesses or were not integrated into SAP - or they were simply too expensive”, Wilhelm Heyen, Director of ERP Applications at Berentzen Group AG.

M.SecureTrade ATLAS at Herlitz

“Our Customs Department required a system that would fulfil the stricter data set requirements of the customs authorities without adding to the workload. For Herlitz, the Mercoline solution was the only application capable of managing the ATLAS processes in a way that was fully-integrated into our existing SAP system”, Kai Rauscher, Project Manager at Herlitz.

Good for the budget: All Mercoline solutions are also available for rent. Just ask us!

Brexit: Help for Mid-Sized Companies

The UK is Germany’s fourth-largest trading partner, which means that the impending Brexit is set to bring major challenges for many companies in the short-term. After doing the math, the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) has concluded that, among other things, Brexit will necessitate at least 10 million more customs declarations annually than at present. Below are a few handy facts and tips from Mercoline about what companies affected by Brexit can expect from the Mercoline M.SecureTrade Suite export trade solution for SAP-ERP.


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