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EDI solutions

CS.Line: Affordable EDI services for B2B integration

CS.Line is Mercoline’s high-performance B2B integration platform with modular communication services. We integrate your company as a partner, eliminating the need for individual point-to-point connections. You decide at your convenience which communication services you want to use and when. 

This opens up a number of possibilities, such as connecting EDI-compatible customers and suppliers via EDI to your ERP system (for example, an SAP system), integrating smaller suppliers into your processes via the WebEDI portal and/or optimising your invoicing processes with scan/signature services. All of this is done without forcing you into using models that shift the responsibility for aligning different services and systems onto you. You decide what, when and how.
Choose your own individual solution

As an EDI specialist, we support you in the rollout or outsourcing of your EDI business partner communication. Become a partner in the Mercoline Communications Network with thousands of partner link-ups already in place. Connection to the CS.Line communications platform allows you to reach your business partners quickly and easily.

You no longer need to constantly invest in your company’s infrastructure. Instead, Mercoline takes on responsibility for everything that’s required, from installation to administration. The large quantity of partner profiles in the system guarantees quick integration of your business partners, and economies of scale produce lower operational costs, which benefits all partners.