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Export control screenings in SAP

Compliance screenings against international goods lists and embargo lists

M.SecureTrade Export Control

Today, export control support through SAP solutions is essential for the sustained success of internationally active companies and for compliance with foreign trade provisions. With M.SecureTrade Export Control we support you by the implementation of efficient export control processes in SAP.

The solution at a glance

Critical goods check

  • Automatic check of materials and SAP SD docs with the goods lists
  • Check of the total and delta lists (BA tariffs export) 
  • Monitoring check objects in the Export control monitor

Critical end-use check (Dual Use)

  • Access to legal basics (export list, measures, instructions) 
  • Integrated checks directly when creating SAP SD docs (for example, orders)
  • Managing checked object documents and licences

National embargo check

  • Administrating embargoes (also according to their scope/measures)
  • Process/Job check of the recipient country and the destination country
  • Locking SAP documents

Direct integration of automated export control checks into business processes

  • Program checks of mass master data or mass SAP sales docs ( offer, order, delivery)
  • Checking the material positions directly in the SAP docs (e.g. order)

Handles scannable lists from data supplier Reguvis (German Federal Gazette) and in-house lists

  • Checks are always performed against the latest export control regulations
  • National regulations such as the AWG (German Foreign Trade Act)
  • European regulations such as the Dual-Use Directive and national embargos
  • US regulations such as the Commerce Control List (CCL)

Relieves the workload of export managers

  • Providing all relevant information for auditing, e.g. export control measures or national export recommendations
  • Triggering further processes, e.g. e-mail notification or blocking of operations
  • Direct processing and release of hits (export control documents)

Fully integrated into SAP

  • Avoid data interfaces and inconsistencies
  • Working with the familiar SAP user interfaces
  • Logs and archives directly in SAP
Fully integrated in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA
Overview of the big range of functions

Import of the goods lists from the German Federal Gazette (TarifeExport)

  • Data can be input on a fully automatic basis per batch run
  • Import programs for importing data from external files

Manual check (Quick Check) of materials & commodity codes

  • Depiction of the details regarding export restrictions (AL texts, measures,  instructions, footnotes)
  • Hits portrayed visibly in the Export control monitor

Automatic batch and process check

  • With the creation and change of material master data
  • With the creation and change of SD docs (order, dispatch)
  • After importing data (total/delta upload)
  • Hits portrayed visibly in the Export control monitor and in the job check protocols

Monitoring of all hits in the Export Control Monitor

  • Status overview and traffic light showing the status of hits processing 
  • Detailed info regarding the check objects and processing (approval, rejection, …)
  • Initiation of a maintenance dialogue (e.g. unlocking or skipping to material master data)
  • Initiation of Whitelist entries
  • Documentation of decisions by attaching documents (GOS)

Logging of check procedures and changes

  • Logging of all check procedures in check logs
  • Logging of all changes in SAP change logs
  • Authorisations are directed via authorisation objects
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Satisfied customers at M.SecureTrade Export Control

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SCHNEIDER’s aim was to replace the manual procurement and management of supplier declarations and the calculation of preference authorizations with an IT solution. Five primary requirements had to be taken into consideration.

Automated Export Control at Roth Industries

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Ulrich Meyer, customs and export representative, Roth Werke GmbH


Check for critical materials at Dr. Wolff Group

"As with the other Mercoline projects, the new solution was implemented in a very short time - after just a few days, M.SecureTrade Export Control was up and running and the key users were trained." Gisbert Brockbals, IT Management, Dr. August Wolff GmbH & Co. KG Pharmaceuticals


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