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Procedural model

Full service right from the start

During appraisal, we take the time to work with you in defining the ideal processes for your company. We then make an offer tailored to your starting situation and requirements, i.e. for EDI outsourcing or EDI roll-outs. This means you'll really only use what you need.

The Mercoline procedural model for a typical EDI project is comprised of 3 phases:

Our offer: As a new partner in the Mercoline Communications Network, you of course profit from the low prices that result from us spreading costs among all our partners. Your individual offer is naturally determined by different variables such as the number of partner relations, data volume or the contract term. Offers for specific target groups compile products and services together in a transparent fashion, additionally reducing costs. We would be happy to assist you in calculating your ROI.


  • Examination of the current EDI situation: In-box/out-box messages, business partners, communication channels (X.400, AS2), in-house interfaces, etc.
  • Definition of the required EDI processes: Changes to the current situation, prioritisation, supervision backlog, etc.
  • Result: Offer including ROI calculation


  • Supervised by a salaried Mercoline Project Manager
  • Integration of existing EDI connections according to the plans
  • Direct arrangements made with the business partners to be linked into the new system (if desired)


  • Transition into continuous supervision by the EDI Hotline Support
  • Progressive expansion of new partner connections and message types
  • Roll-out of additional services as needed, e.g. digital signature or Web EDI