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Electronic Certificate of Origin

Using SAP data to apply for certificates of origin through the eCO (electronic certificate of origin) portal

Ramping up flexibility while saving on time and costs

In order to export goods outside the EU, a certificate of origin issued by the presiding chamber of commerce and industry is generally required. Applying for certificates in person or by post is a highly complex and bureaucratic process. The electronic certificate of origin (eCO) represents a simple, fast and simultaneously secure alternative. The Mercoline solution makes use of relevant invoices to automatically identify all of the required data within the SAP system and collate it within an XML file.

"We were fortunate to have implemented the eCO solution with Mercoline when we did. Now, even during the Corona Crisis, we’re able to keep our processes running seamlessly." - Robert Schoellner, Head of IT at Amor GmbH

The Mercoline eCO solution at a glance

Process eCO applications directly in your SAP system

  • The Mercoline solution uses an invoice as the basis for automatically identifying all of the required data within the SAP system and collating it within an XML file
  • The solution consists of the following components:
    • System program (selection and data extractor)
    • Business add-in for editing/supplementing data
    • Preview of invoices for the eCO
    • XML creation and data storage
    • Processing overview
    • Error log
  • Solutions are tailored specifically for each and every customer

Direct added value

  • Data already contained in SAP (invoices) are automatically transferred into the eCO
  • The only thing left to do is upload the final XML file to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s online portal
  • You save an enormous amount of time, since there’s no longer any need to enter the data twice
  • Overall, the solution reduces manual effort and potential sources of errors

Mercoline is a certified SAP partner specializing in IT solutions throughout the supply chain and offering process consultation and add-ons in the SAP environment.

Background information on the eCO

  • The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry now allows applicants to apply for and receive certificates of origin electronically via the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s online portal eUZweb (in German: IHK-Signaturanwendung Elektronisches Ursprungszeugnis). More information at:
  • To prepare and request eCOs, data can either be:
    • Entered manually or
    • Imported using an XML interface
  • Reliable, legally-binding electronic data exchange is a requirement for using the eUZweb portal. This process requires the ability to reliably identify the respective applicant and his/her company or Chamber of Commerce and Industry affiliation, and to ensure the authenticity and verifiability of the data transferred by the applicant. Find out more about the technical requirements here:
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