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EDI unlimited communication

EDI outsourcing made easy

Our CS.EDI service makes fully automatic electronic data exchange possible for a variety of company processes such as ordering and accounting, payment transaction or logistics. As the central hub for conversion and messaging, Mercoline supplies all the necessary interfaces, partner profiles and communication facilities.

In establishing your partner profiles you already benefit from the existing mappings, which are activated for you as needed. This reduces rollout or migration costs significantly, simplifying fast access or changeover. For the specific requirements you have as SAP users for instance, Mercoline offers you fast, one-source solutions anytime.

CS.EDI comprises ...

  • connection to the CS.Line communication platform and subsequently the usage of the hardware, software, partner profiles and communication facilities.
  • assumption of electronic data exchange with all the business partners you choose, such as suppliers, customers, forwarding companies, parcel services, customs, banks or other VANs, industry portals or data pools.
  • support of all the common standard formats (for instance, EDIFACT, VDA, ODETTE, ANSI X.12, XML, CSV) and in-house formats (for instance, SAP IDoc, SAP IDoc-XML).
  • provision of the lowest priced communication channel in the respective protocol such asAS2, X.400, VPN, HTTPS, OFTP or OFTP2.
  • supervision and monitoring of the processes going out to your business partners.

An overview of your benefits:

  • quick conversion at low cost
  • ROI already in the first year from low operational costs
  • full service in the integration of new business partners
  • broad diversity in relation to business processes, formats or communication channels
  • quick access, even for mid-sized companies
  • optimum integration into your ERP system (for example SAP)

Product folder CS.Line

In your industry

  • Extensive EDI industry knowledge covering the automotive, trade/consumer goods and manufacturing industries, logistics and more
  • Multi-channel connections (EDI classic, AMAZON, ebay, web shops and other platforms)
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Reliable EDI services
  • Highly-accessible EDI systems and around-the-clock, first-class support 
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All common EDI formats
  • Supports all commonly-used EDI standard formats (such as EDIFACT, VDA, ODETTE, ANSI X.12, XML, CSV) and in-house formats (such as SAP IDoc, SAP IDoc-XML)
    EDI message formats
  • Set up of the most affordable EDI communication channel in protocols such as AS2, X.400, VPN, OFTP, FTP or SMTP
    EDI message protocols