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Mercoline competence

Reliable EDI services guaranteed

Mercoline is one of Germany’s EDI pioneers, providing our customers with expert EDI consultation and affordable EDI services for over 20 years. We always aim to see things from our customers’ perspective, and our experience has shown us that many companies are looking to concentrate more on their core processes. The topic of EDI communication has become increasingly complicated in recent years, and from the user’s viewpoint it often makes more business sense to use an external EDI service provider. Rely on one of the world’s leading EDI service providers.


Mercoline’s communications services offer a fully structured, centrally managed communications network with only one interface for all your partners instead of numerous point-to-point connections. 


Mercoline provides you with the CS.Line platform, saving you the trouble of having to build up and maintain your own EDI infrastructure. You can take advantage of our affordable volume rates or fixed prices for business partner integration and mapping.


From the automobile and mechanical engineering industries to electronics, trade and consumer goods industries and more – thousands of business partners from all types of industries are actively linked in. Our work in a variety of industry groups enables Mercoline to respond quickly to changes and accommodate new specifications.


Our highly accessible, state-of-the-art EDI systems, active EDI traffic monitoring, secure communication channels and expert support are the solid rock upon which increased security in your data interchange with customers is built. 

ERP integration

Mercoline can also take care of integrating your EDI communication into your ERP systems such as SAP, Sage or Microsoft. We convert EDI messages into your company’s preferred format (for example SAP IDoc, SAP IDoc-XML, etc.) and ensure the data collection and provision that you want according to your requirements.


Mercoline is not simply an EDI specialist, but also a top SAP solution provider, a combination that is also reflected in Mercoline’s SAP add-ons (M.Line). Communications connections with business partners (including customs authorities, CEPs and shipping companies) frequently represent integral components of our solutions.