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Supplier-side supplier declarations in SAP

Supplier-side supplier declarations with M.SecureTrade Preference Management

Mercoline offers with M.SecureTrade Preference Management an integrated solution for SAP that automates and makes transparent the collection and management of supplier declarations from suppliers. With the help of various dispatch and feedback procedures, effort and errors when issuing long-term supplier declarations can be significantly reduced.

The solution at a glance

Automatically generate and send long-term supplier declarations

  • Automatic determination of all long-term suppliers declarations and of relevant activities from SAP purchasing info records
  • Send and receive long-term supplier declaration forms via various communication channels, e.g. via web portal or Adobe Interactive Forms

Administration and maintenance of the data of long-term supplier declarations in a separate Mercoline supplier declaration document

  • Transfer of all relevant data from long-term supplier declarations in a Mercoline supplier document, such as business partners, materials, preference countries, and much more.
  • Automatic or manual update of source data directly in the supplier declaration document
  • Automatic or manual reminder of overdue supplier declarations possible

Electronic processing and transmission of data from long-term supplier declarations by the supplier

  • Confirmation of EU origin with just a few clicks
  • Validation of the correctness of entries directly in the web portal
  • Automatic data transfer to SAP in the SD document and updating of the SD data in the SAP purchasing info records.

Monitoring of all SD documents in the SD monitor

  • Simple overview of completed and outstanding processes
  • Quick access to the search for supplier-side source data for materials
  • Mass data maintenance for several SD operations

100% SAP integrated

  • Fully integrated with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA
The advantages of the solution
  • Reduction of manual activities and improvement on efficiency when requesting/issuing supplier declarations
  • High flexibility regarding the combination of SD operations (for example, if the same material is used in several plants)
  • High SD response rates through the use of modern communication channels, e.g. via web portal and mobile devices
  • Reduction of compliance risk through automated exception handling (e.g. reminder)
  • High transparency of all SD processes through SD monitoring and logging of all messages/changes to the SD document
  • Full SAP integration and use of SAP standard functionalities such as links, authorizations and archiving

M.SecureTrade Preference Management is the alternative to complex SAP preference management solutions or non-SAP solutions.

Results of an IHK survey on supplier declarations (2016)

The pure wage costs for the preparation of a supplier's declaration average a good 96 euros. The mainproblems of the respondents are:

  • Audit and management of incoming SD (69%)
  • Conversion of validity period (63%)
  • Verification of rules of origin (52%)
  • Supplier declarations in paper form (83%)
  • No software to manage supplier declarations (60%)
All Mercoline solutions can also be used in the subscription model.

Reference story: Roth Industries automates export control and preference management


Following the successful deployment of Mercoline's M.SecureTrade Export Control and M. SecureTrade Sanctions List Check solutions, Roth Industries wants to automate the process of obtaining and managing supplier declarations and calculating preference entitlements.


  • Recognition of preference entitlements already during sales talks
  • Significant improvement in the quality of master data
  • Efficient proof of legal security to customs

"The customs requirements are often very complex. For example, we need an average of 50 minutes just to check and process a supplier's declaration. With several hundred declarations per year, that adds up to a considerable sum."
Ulrich Meyer, Customs and Export Officer at Roth Industries


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