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Reliable EDI services guaranteed

It goes without saying that we provide you with optimum accessibility to EDI systems and maximum security in exchanging data with your business partners. You can count on Mercoline to handle all EDI activities – quietly and dependably.

We offer:

  • A high level of system availability
  • Adaptable, high-performance EDI software
  • Expert hotline services
  • Comprehensive monitoring and quick response times
  • Breakdown protection with back-up systems and data storage

Experienced staff

Our Mercoline EDI team have years of experience in the development, presentation and supervision of internal and external EDI business processes. To guarantee the highest level of quality, our EDI staff work closely with specialists from other fields (such as SAP consulting). Mercoline appoints one central staff member to oversee all aspects of a partnership, acting as a liaison between our company and yours. 

Reliable partners

At Mercoline, we work with top hardware and software suppliers to provide our EDI services, including software from Axway and secrypt. We have long-term maintenance and service agreements with all of our partners.