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Newcomer Report from the Product Implementation Department

SAP Consultant

Started the job in: 2018

How I found my way to Mercoline

At the end of 2017, I decided that if I wanted to gain new experiences by making a career change, my mid-40s was the perfect time to do so.
I chose Mercoline for a variety of reasons. I was already familiar with three Mercoline products; at my previous place of business, we used M.PackingStation, M.TransportCommunicator and M.SecureTrade Entry Certificate, and I was impressed by how well these products worked as well as the expansion possibilities they featured. I’d already met some of the Mercoline staff over the course of various projects and was struck by their team spirit. In addition, I was also eager to be more directly involved in product development.

A new beginning and new responsibilities

I took on the role of Senior Consultant SCM SAP on the Mercoline Product Implementation team on 1 June 2018. I was very warmly received by my new colleagues in Berlin. It was immediately obvious how determined the team was to make a real impact. My prior experience on the client end of things meant my new colleagues were very interested in my perspective. I was soon assigned my first project as Project Manager in the transport logistics segment, where I guided three package service providers through EWM integration. Within my first nine months at Mercoline, I successfully completed these projects and two others. The close collaboration between our development and consulting units resulted in brand new design possibilities for me.

A win-win situation

I really appreciate the flat hierarchies and fast decision-making at Mercoline. I also greatly appreciate the speed with which my co-workers respond to questions, especially given that my office isn’t in Berlin, but near Bonn. I can’t just “pop across the hall” to their office. Our regular team meetings in Berlin strengthen the work we do together, allow me to discuss development concepts face to face and catch up with my Berlin team members in person. 
Looking back, I can say that this has been a win-win situation for both employer and employee. My 16 years of prior experience in SAP in-house consulting and leading teams, along with my mechanical engineering process knowledge allows me to provide insight on the customer perspective. I’m lucky enough to have an employer that has set ambitious priorities for its SAP add-on development and that has a highly innovative and challenging roster of clients. Last but not least, Mercoline understands that its employees are its greatest asset and that there’s a solution for everything.