ATLAS export: these important changes are planned until the end of July 2023

Important ATLAS export changes: Changeover to the new AES 3.0 release planned by the end of July 2023

With ATLAS Release 9.1/AES Release 3.0, serious changes are imminent. These affect both the technical and the functional side of future customs declarations. The Federal Information Technology Center summarizes the main changes affecting ATLAS participants in ATLAS message 0137/21 dated February 24, 2021.

Extensive adjustments due to changed specifications of the UCC

The messages in the area of export have been adapted very extensively to the requirements of the UCC. In addition to these extensive changes within the messages (structure and content), messages have been renamed, new messages have been created and procedures have been adapted. All changes will be implemented and post-certified by Mercoline in a new M.SecureTrade ATLAS release.

Einige neue Änderungen im Überblick

Some new changes at a glance

  • Professional:
    • Discontinuation of the "export refund" area
    • Introduction of the "Foreign trade exporter" concept
    • Further implementation of the concept of centralized customs clearance
    • Changed structure and name of the MRN (in future "Master Reference Number")
    • New messages "Rejection for export" (E_EXP_REJ) and "Rejection at exit" (E_EXT_REJ).
  • Technological:
    • Conversion from EDIFACT to XML
    • Final conversion to Unicode

More details about the changes will be communicated by Mercoline to its customers in time before the start of the implementation projects of the new M.SecureTrade ATLAS release.

What is the schedule?

As of March 6, 2021, ATLAS Release 9.1/AES Release 3.0 was transferred to live operation. The end of the soft migration is scheduled by July 16, 2023. The new Mercoline M.SecureTrade ATLAS release is expected to be made available in Q4/2022. As with previous migration projects, the changes will take effect on the exact date when the new release has been implemented at the customer's site and their participant master data has been converted to the new release.

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