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Newcomer Report Dual Work-Study Student Business Informatics

Dual Work-Study Student Business Informatics

Year employed: 2019

Choosing Mercoline

After finishing high school I knew that I wanted my university studies to be in a curriculum that combined aspects of both business and IT. I didn’t have much IT know-how in the beginning, so for me it was an advantage to do my dual work-study program at a company with wide-ranging expertise in IT support. And right after the first interview I knew that I wanted to work here!

Mercoline as my dual work-study program partner

I really want to emphasize the great working environment at Mercoline. From “Day One” I had the full support of every employee, which smoothed the way for me into my studies. The block teaching model ensures that you can work in a targeted fashion: When you’re working at the company the complete focus is on the day-to-day business, while when you’re attending classes at school that’s where the full focus is, but without any decrease in support from the company.

Working in the company

During the internship phase you’re given a multifaceted assignment and appointed designated specialist and technical supervisors. The focus of the assignment is to work in an efficient, self-reliant way. At the end of every internship semester your work is evaluated and you get feedback, and this really drives home the significance of the appreciation you receive at Mercoline.

Completing my dual work-study program at Mercoline was and remains the right decision.

Studying at Mercoline...