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Newcomer Report from the Application Development-Department

IT Specialist for Application Development

Year employed: 2019

Why did I choose Mercoline?

After I finished high school in Germany, I wasn’t really sure whether my best move would be to attend university, go to vocational school or look for a job. But I was sure that I would want to work in IT. Mercoline caught my eye in an advertisement. I was nervous while I was preparing for my interview, and then pleasantly surprised by how friendly and casual the interview process was. It was exactly the kind of atmosphere I had hoped for in my workplace.

My activities as a trainee

As a Mercoline trainee, I’m seen and treated like any other regular staff member. This means that I’m given assignments suited to my skills, and I’m allowed to find my own solutions. If I have problems or questions there’s always someone on hand to help me find the solution. And even in my short time here, I’ve already had projects of my own. For example, our IT department was presented with a new type of software, and my feedback played a role in the purchase decision. I also had a decisive role in the development of a password matrix for securely communicating passwords to customers.

Looking toward the future

My future at Mercoline looks anything but dull. On the contrary, I’m already hearing about new projects I’ll be involved in, and my opinion as a trainee is also appreciated. I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues and to developing new applications where I’ll be involved right from the start.