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Newcomer Report from the SAP Development Department

Development-Consultant SAP

Year employed: 2017

Inspired during my studies

I was in the fourth semester of my Business Informatics dual work/study program when my fellow student Timo, already at Mercoline as part of his dual work/studies, sparked my curiosity. I was fascinated by the world of SAP with its incredible complexities. Prior to and during my studies, I spent a good four-and-a-half years dedicated to learning the ins and outs of web development and programmed smaller desktop applications myself. Timo warned me with a wink about the ABAP programming language before I switched to it, but he also assured me that with passion and dedication, mastering it was possible. He wasn't lying!

Entry as an equal

On April 1st, 2017 I stepped into the role of a full-time SAP add-on developer at Mercoline, where I was warmly welcomed. My workmates happily took on the challenge of initiating and training me as non-expert in SAP. Together, we quickly discovered that development experience was a good basis for figuring out how to work with ABAP and get ahead in the development environment. Combining studying on my own and help from my workmates, who were always ready to listen, meant a steep learning curve for me. In discussions with my fellow employees, I was always accepted as an equal, an attitude that continues to have a positive impact on other new developers.

Paving my own way

The design opportunities offered to me by Mercoline are an essential part of the experience. Employees' focus areas of choice are always discussed transparently and on an individual basis, and sharing your own ideas is always welcomed. The daily interaction between Consulting and Development is a real two-way street, enabling everyone to see the relevant parts of the bigger picture. If a consultant wants to write a line of code from time to time, or a developer would like to advise a customer directly, experienced coworkers are there to support them. On my last larger-scale development project, for instance, I was able to join a consultant for a workshop at a customer’s premises.

At the moment, I’m applying web development experience to my first SAP Fiori projects while looking back to my start at Mercoline almost two-and-a-half years ago. Today, I can safely say, also with a wink, that life without ABAP wouldn't be much fun…