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Recommendation of the Chambers of Commerce: Switch to the electronic certificate of origin now


With just a few clicks to the electronic certificate of origin (eCO) - that's how the chambers of commerce see it, too. Read here why the switch to the eCO is so important right now.

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From experience to innovation: EDI at ISL-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG


The North Rhine-Westphalian paint manufacturer ISL-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG now also relies on Mercoline's EDI business partner communication. Read here which special monitor we have programmed for ISL and how the company benefits from it.


Changes in foreign trade statistics as of 2022: What you need to know now


A new legal basis for foreign trade statistics will come into effect on 01.01.2022. What do you need to know and observe? We will try to briefly present the main innovations and prepare you in the best possible way.


SGL Carbon focuses on growth and future and launches M.SmartLogistics


We are particularly pleased about this collaboration! SGL Carbon SE goes digital with Mercoline. The company has decided to use the M.ShippingRates and M.PackingStation solutions at two locations. Why everything fits together perfectly here, you can read here...

Our Logistics-Suite M.SmartLogistics at a glance

Mercoline continues to expand customers in the field of foreign trade and transport logistics


With the introduction of SAP S/4HANA in Germany and the USA, Bender is also using Mercoline solutions for transport logistics. In addition, the company has now also opted for Mercoline's foreign trade solutions for Germany.

Bender GmbH & Co. KG, with headquarters and innovation center in Grünberg, Hesse, and 70 agencies in 16 countries and approximately 1,100 employees, is a globally active medium-sized family business and successful pioneer and market leader for top-class electrical safety products and solutions. The range includes measuring, protection and monitoring systems for applications in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, mobility for electric and hybrid vehicles, power generation and distribution, regenerative power generation as well as for building services and a wide variety of industrial sectors. Solutions for safe power supply in the medical sector represent a special focus.

Our transport logistics suite M.SmartLogistics at a glance...
M.SecureTrade - the suite for foreign trade...



Success for rent: GROHE goes all over Europe with Mercoline


The world brand GROHE is taking advantage of the new option of renting Mercoline solutions and is thus fully in line with the trend. The Mercoline rental model scores with its high flexibility, the solutions can always be adapted to your business. GROHE uses the M.TransportCommunicator.

"For an internationally operating company like ours, it is important to map the shipping process across all our companies quickly and logically in the SAP system. With Mercoline's M.TransportCommunicator, this can be done smoothly. The new rental model also gives us the option of letting the solution grow with us almost effortlessly."
(Lars Brinkmann, Head of Transport Services & 3PL Management)

If a change to S/4HANA is made in the future, the solution will also change.

GROHE currently ships for 11 European subsidiaries and benefits, for example, from the high savings potential of the M.TransportCommunicator.

If you are also interested in renting our products, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Market leading companies choose Mercoline


Denios AG has opted for Mercoline for preference management: In the joint project, the M.SecureTrade Preference Management will be launched on S/4HANA and we are sure that DENIOS will benefit from this. We will report again after the project is completed. Stay up to date:

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Create electronic certificate of origin directly out of SAP: Do it like our customer Amor!


Together with Mercoline, the Hanau-based jewelry manufacturer amor has largely automated the processing of certificates of origin. Head of IT Robert Schoellner speaks of luck...

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Don't worry: we at Mercoline will continue to be there for you without restriction!


Perhaps you have time right now to implement important projects that have been put on hold in business life. We are happy to support you in this and can serve your requirements remotely. Let's stay in touch! 

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Schneider automates Preference Certificates for Customs


EU agreements enable exporting companies to take advantage of significant tariff concessions, provided they supply a preference certificate documenting the EU origin of the goods for export. This is a highly complex, intricate process, particularly for the mechanical engineering industry. In response, the mid-sized company SCHNEIDER GmbH & Co. KG sought an IT solution that automates preference authorization management.

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VAT ID Check: Are you familiar with the “Quick Fixes” that went into effect on Jan. 1st, 2020?


The EU is set to introduce integrated VAT reform between 2022 and 2024. To ensure greater clarity until then regarding chain transactions, intra-EU transfers and consignment stores, “Quick Fixes” took effect on January 1st, 2020.

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Roth Industries automates Export Control and Preference Management


The EU has concluded a large number of customs agreements with third countries offering exporting companies notable advantages. However, to benefit from these tariff concessions the preference regulations must be adhered to precisely, and that involves a great deal of processing effort. 

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Brexit: Help for Mid-Sized Companies


The UK is Germany’s fourth-largest trading partner, which means that the impending Brexit is set to bring major challenges for many companies in the short-term. After doing the math, the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) has concluded that, among other things, Brexit will necessitate at least 10 million more customs declarations annually than at present. Below are a few handy facts and tips from Mercoline about what companies affected by Brexit can expect from the Mercoline M.SecureTrade Suite export trade solution for SAP ERP.

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OXEA Creates Automated Verifications for the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance


The 2017 Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance (ChemVerbotsV) requires written documentation for the transfer and receipt of highly dangerous products. Chemical company OXEA uses an IT solution integrated into its SAP system that allows for automatic compliance. The company’s project manager explains the process.... read more

Automated Export Control at Roth Industries


Between numerous new customs agreements, more exports going through third countries, and increasingly complex regulations, the processing workload is constantly increasing, especially at larger mid-sized companies. To stay on top of the game, family-run company Roth Industries has reorganized its export controls. ... read more

Measurement Technology Specialist Automates the Shipment of Hazardous Goods


The transport of hazardous goods is subject to a wide range of regulations too complex and time consuming for manual shipment processing. At the same time, conventional IT solutions have often proven too hefty for daily use. Now, measurement technology manufacturer HBM is using a streamlined IT solution integrated into its SAP system for the shipment of hazardous goods. ... read more

Perfect Timing: The Future is Bright for IT-Informatik and Mercoline.


Relying on the tried and true while daring to blaze new trails: Both IT-Informatik and Mercoline have pursued this principle for more than 20 years. This shared philosophy was just one of the reasons for Mercoline’s merger with IT-Informatik, effective immediately. ... read more

How supplier declaration management is automated in SAP


Preferential EU agreements allow companies in many countries to export their goods with no or with heavily reduced import duties. This provides important competitive benefits, but often requires a great deal of effort. ... read more

Improved customer order management in SAP ERP

Dispatching of customer orders in SAP ERP can often be very time-consuming and cumbersome. When target dates need to be changed, material re-allocated and multiple orders processed simultaneously, existing tools in ERP are not particularly effective. This is where Mercoline’s order cockpit can accelerate work by up to 70 percent. ... read more

Knorr-Bremse: Scanner solution for goods receipt

Knorr-Bremse PowerTech GmbH has switched its goods receipt processing to mobile scanners. Goods receipts are now registered via barcode and posted directly to the SAP ERP system. The elimination of manual entry means that the project pays for itself within just a year. ... read more  

SAP Process Integration without EDI

Until now, customers and suppliers without direct EDI connections have been shut out of automated data exchange with SAP ERP systems. With the help of interactive forms, SAP service provider Mercoline uses SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe to help integrate such companies into the automated flow of information. These days, logistics requirements include increased interconnectivity with customers and suppliers in order to make processes faster and more effective. ... read more

SAP HANA migration at Kaeser Kompressoren

Thanks to SAP HANA, German company KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is reporting significant performance increases in its logistics processes. KAESER also uses the Mercoline M.TransportCommunicator add-on for processing its shipping orders to shipping companies and CEPs directly from its SAP system.  read more

Logistics 4.0 – Reducing Complexity

In the mechanical and plant engineering industry, logistics is in a transitional phase, with the trend leaning toward more frequent deliveries, smaller quantities, increasing pressure on deadlines and cost as well as more complex delivery chains with increased interconnectivity. The variety of non-standardised IT solutions is becoming a problem, and the result is greater complexity, processing complications and a lack of transparency and compliance. read more