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Loading Control with LoadMaster

Extension solution in SAP for qualified loading with the M.TransportCommunicator

Errors can occur from time to time when loading goods. Customers then receive their goods too late, the wrong goods or no goods at all. However, a lot of time can pass before the customers get in touch and then no one knows what was loaded, when and where. The Mercoline extension solution LoadMaster supports the digitalisation process and not only enables flexible use via mobile devices and optimisation of the loading process, but also ensures reliable logging thanks to loading assignment and digital signature.

Fully integrated in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

This is the loading control

  • Management of automatically created manifests (loading list, freight list)
  • Qualified loading of packages with digital confirmation and archiving
  • Manual assignment of consignment-related packages to manifests
  • Electronic transmission to the transport service provider
  • Courier, express, parcel and forwarding processes are available
  • Support for mobile use scenario through Fiori app with scanning functionality
  • Licensable extension app for the M.TransportCommunicator

Some advantages at a glance

  • Use is not tied to a fixed workstation
  • Digitised operation by scanning and signing directly on one device
  • Qualified loading process by linking user, self-scanned packages and the signed manifest
All Mercoline solutions can also be used in the subscription model.

Screenshot of the loading control in SAP with LoadMaster