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SCO content audit of Dow Jones in SAP

M.SecureTrade Sanctioned Party List Screening

Sanctions Control & Ownership with M.SecureTrade

Sanctions Control & Ownership (SCO) is data/information about companies that are owned or controlled by sanctioned individuals, companies or regions. These are therefore indirect prohibitions on provision. By checking SCO content, you also protect your company from these. Mercoline offers the possibility to carry out these checks automatically with the M.SecureTrade sanctions list check solution, which is fully integrated in SAP.

All tests at a glance

  •  The sanctions list check as well as the check of SCO content take place via the same solution
    • No new system landscape necessary
    • A common database - the sanctions list information is supplemented by the SCO Content in your SAP system.
The solution at a glance

Automated and manual checking of master and transaction data

  • Master data, such as customer, supplier or employee data.
  • Transaction data, e.g. orders, quotations, orders, deliveries or invoices
  • Creation and use of own whitelists / blacklists
  • Initial or periodic batch check of individual data or mass data

Review of the professional content

  • Checks of the SCO content of Dow Jones in Reguvis format

Intelligent check methods and definition of further actions with hits

  • Definition of the scope and intensity of the checks
  • Defining blocks or notifications for hits
  • Different Customizing for SAP-specific organizational units

Cockpit for regular Compliance Reports

  • Logging and documentation of the results in the examination objects and logs
  • Approval or whitelisting of hits

Completely integrated into the SAP system

  • Consistent information without the synchronisation of master data or user authorisations
  • Use of the familiar SAP interface and the SAP authorization concept
  • Rapid implementation and individual customizations possible
  • Usage of the existing SAP archiving functionality is possible
  • Fully integrated in SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA
All Mercoline solutions can also be used in the subscription model.

The required SCO content from Dow Jones Risk & Compliance is read by M.SecureTrade Sanctions List Check in the format provided by Reguvis in accordance with your contractual agreement with the data providers. This list data is then used in three scenarios:

Batch run

During installation or periodically, the master data can be checked against the SCO content.

Process-accompanying check upon document creation

When an SAP document is created (order by default), the name and address data is checked against the SCO content.

Online direct inquiry

Data on individual persons can be checked against the lists from an online input screen.

Check after CSV-/XLS file upload

Uploaded personal data are automatically checked against the lists after upload (CSV or XLS files).

Automate audit processes and meet compliance requirements

M.SecureTrade Sanctioned Party List Screening performs checks that enable you to avoid sanctions and penalty fees levelled against your company, while the solution’s high level of automation significantly reduces your compliance costs.

Other great reasons for choosing M.SecureTrade Sanctioned Party List Screening include:

  • The high level of security provided thanks to the application’s support in complying with complex legal regulations
  • Great flexibility thanks to adaptations customised for your organisation and processes
  • Unification of your IT infrastructure; no new in-house platform is required
  • Customer, supplier or personal data is not transferred to external service providers
  • Excellent transparency thanks to the monitoring of completed screenings
  • Error reduction through automation and logging
  • Workload reduction for staff, who no longer need to perform complex manual sanctioned party list screenings
  • Less maintenance, implementation and training costs, as this solution is completely integrated into the SAP system 
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