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Invoicing Logistics Service Costs in SAP ERP

Logistics services provider eCom Logistik offers its customers a wide range of services. Until recently, its invoicing processes required the compilation of service data from several IT systems. Now, SAP partner Mercoline has developed a comprehensive SAP ERP solution that optimises processes and simplifies invoicing. eCom Logistik GmbH & Co. KG offers tailor-made solutions for logistics services and fulfilment. Its customers have an extensive array of modular services at their disposal, ranging from procurement logistics and warehousing to consignment, packaging and display services, distribution logistics and returns management. Before, eCom had to compile its service data from several IT systems in order to conduct invoicing procedures. Only after this had been completed could billing be executed in SAP and invoices created. eCom was eager to find an integrated, uniform solution in SAP ERP capable of reducing the complexity of this IT landscape, easing the process of collecting service and customer data, as well as harmonising the invoicing procedure for each customer.

Uniformly billing logistics services in SAP ERP

To meet eCom’s needs, Mercoline developed a specific solution implemented exclusively in SAP ERP. Now, when new services or customers are added, users can also directly add them into the SAP system without further programming. All freighting costs are now stored in SAP ERP and differentiated according to weight, volume or number of shipping palettes. Special costs such as freight surcharges or customs duties can now quickly be allocated in accordance with their origins.

When several deliveries are scheduled for the same customer, they can be compiled into what is known as a tariff shipment to which all of the associated expenses can be allocated.

Automated invoicing processes

Now, each customer’s accrued expenditures and costs are updated daily in the eCom SAP ERP system. The data can be inspected and approved with the simple push of a button. Any entry errors are identified by the system upon entry and can be remedied via the solution’s integrated error monitoring function prior to invoicing. This user-friendly solution was programmed to allow users to search for, view and edit the entirety of the data. At the end of the month, all that's needed is to initiate a single program that automates the debit or credit memo requests for each customer.

Integrated system landscape reduces complexity

All of eCom’s data preparation, calculation and debit registration is now completely carried out in SAP ERP, eliminating the need for high-maintenance system interfaces. The reduced complexity has made internal processes more effective and created greater transparency regarding the service costs for each customer. “Mercoline has implemented uniform processing in SAP, which has significantly simplified our processes and made them more flexible,” says eCom Logistik CEO Karsten Tews. This also provides valuable support for eCom Logistik’s future growth on the highly competitive logistics market.

About eCom Logistik

eCom Logistik GmbH & Co. KG offers tailored services for logistics and fulfilment to its customers in industry, e-Commerce and retail. The company’s high-performance service chain encompasses procurement logistics and warehousing as well as consignment services, value added services (packaging and display services), distribution logistics and returns management. As a provider of fulfilment services, eCom maintains a large logistics centre at its headquarters in Falkensee, just outside of Berlin and right in the heart of Europe.