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Support area

Do you have a problem with one of our solutions and need help solving it? 

Then you can choose from one of the following areas and go directly to our specialists in the respective specialist area and find a quick solution to the problem.

Add-on support

You have questions about

  • M.TransportCommunicator
  • M.PackingStation
  • M.ShippingRates
  • M.SecureTrade solution (Sanctioned Party List Screening, Export Control, Entry Certificate, VAT Number Check, ATLAS customs services, Preference Processes)

SAP support

You have questions about

  • SAP consulting
  • Forms
  • ABAP programming
  • Archiving

EDI support

You have questions about

  • Data transmission/communication
  • Partner connection
  • Format conversion/mapping
  • Verification of the processing like ATLAS-ABD

Infrastructure support

You have questions about

  • VPN connection
  • Citrix access
  • VMWare hosting

Fault messages

Messages from external service providers:

  • Customs: ATLAS disturbances
  • BZSt.: Faults UStIdNr.-confirmation (DE)
  • VIES: Faults VAT number confirmation (EU)